The Book Currently Occupying My Back Pocket.

I have started chronicling the interesting things that have happened to me in the form of a small notebook, which I christened A Record Of the Awesome Things Which I Have Done – a name that was soon shortened to The Book Of Awesome. Within it you will find a numbered list of fun/unusual/interesting things which have filled my life. Some are funny, others strange, and a few are quite sad and somber. Each is just a short note jotted down, just enough to spark my memory.

#4. I was three and a half years old. Our family was living in Eritrea, and we were taking a holiday down at Masaawa, a city by the Red Sea. I don’t remember much, only details – the crinkly sand, the warm water reflecting the sky, and the quiet babble of voices in the distance.
There was a man walking his camel down the beach, giving people rides on it. One of our visitors rode it for a little while, and naturally I wanted to ride as well. The man switched the huge animal and it knelt. I was lifted up onto it and it stood – back legs first, front legs second – wobbily lifting me up. I clutched the wooden saddle and declared loudly that I was going to fall off. I didn’t.
I remember looking out across the waves, the hot air tossing my clothes. I petted some of the camel’s hump in front of me, hoping it was my friend, til the owner let me down again.

#120. My siblings and I were in Kampala with some friends at one of the supermarkets, generally going berserk. It was one of the really nice ones with aisles and everything. We ran/leapt around, picking up things for dinner (hot
dogs and bread) and having a hilarious time. We came around a corner into an aisle entirely filled with tomato products. We couldn’t remember the last time we’d seen something so strange, so we decided to dance.
Too late did we notice the massive security camera pointing at us, and we dissolved into raucous laughter, collapsing over the ketchup and tomato paste.

#59. I walked through a shoestore barefoot. There isn’t much more to say than that. The staff chased me down, trying to assuade a definitely potential customer.

#70 I was in an Indian supermarket (this one had aisles too, but far fewer. For those of you that know, it was Janam.) purchasing the usual necessities – chocolate, soda, etc. They had some Bollywood tunes on that I was generally tuning out, but suddenly it hit me. That “I know this song” moment. And indeed I did. It was a killer hit from one of my favorite Bolly’s, Kal Ho Nal Ho (I’m sure you know the one). I started humming along as I waited for my groceries, then some additional percussing followed. The guy behind the counter began staring, as did the other attendants. When I reached him, he asked in a shocked whisper, “You know Bollywood?!?!?!”

These memories are thrilling to me, and I have noticed that this blog has been quite lacking as of late. Now, whenever I am dry of inspiration, I shall turn to The Book for ideas.


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