This kid is beyond hilarious. I can’t get over it.

First, he replaces his “r” and “l” sounds with “n”. Our English classes have been interesting – we learned about fnogs, honses, nions and enephants, plus the various colors of gneen, yennow, ned, onange, bnue, and punpne. Oh, and I am generally referred to as Nesho.

I have also been teaching him some random slang, just for kicks. Now, every morning when I come in, I say, “Jamesi! Wassap?” To which he will reply, “Nathin!!!” Sometimes he welcomes me with cries of “Nathin! Nathin! Nathin!”

James’ eating habits are also a bit different. He likes to dip whatever he’s eating into whatever he’s drinking. This works with tea and pancakes. It does not work with bananas and water.

Today he tried to get some rice for me from the pan on the stove. It didn’t go well. I ended up turning a blind eye to the chickens that snuck in to peck at the rice spilled all over the floor.


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