Some Adventures

Interesting things are constantly happening to me. I’m not sure why. All I know is that every experience I have is a chance to have another adventure.

And, of course, each one is now chronicled in the Book of Awesome.

Some of the latest:

131. Paged someone in a department store.
It was very exciting. I grinned like an idiot the entire time, even though I was trying to convince the guy that we really couldn’t find Mary.

134. Jumped on a wet moon bounce that was slowly deflating.
Have you ever jumped on a moon bounce in the rain? It’s definitely a hazardous sport, for it is almost impossible to land once you’ve jumped – your legs simply fly out from under you.

122. Took a wok on a piki. (clever pun, clever pun…)

126. Took a tour of a mosque, unveiled and in the mens’ section during prayers.
The guy in question knew my father, so it was totally cool. Although I think the hajji was about to lose his chips entirely.

141. Found a World War monument entirely by accident.
This was only a few minutes ago. We were at the immiration office in Jinja and we noticed a strange pillar type thing in the middle of a field. We went to investigate, fighting our way through the thick greenery that was embracing its base. On it were the words “IN MEMORY OF THOSE WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES IN THE TWO WORLD WARS.” There were the dates too, but of course I can’t remember those.


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