Save it for the shower.

We all have that moment. That door-swings-open-and-you’re-finally-home moment. You step up to the door and swing it wide, calling an end to whatever work you’d been up to at that point. Maybe a little bit of stress still hunkers over your shoulder, but you’re home. You can now leave it behind you and relax.

For some, this is an exhilarating experience. Maybe you had a really good day and you’re just ready to keep it going. You just can’t contain that joy, that excitement. You just HAVE to burst it out and all over Creation – in song!

My advice to you is: Don’t do it. Don’t sing out your joy of finally being home. Hold it back. Restrain yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a Whitney Houston moment – keep it together. Because there is ALWAYS someone nearby – whether it be in the house or outside – who, maybe, did not have such a great day and really doesn’t want to hear how great yours was.

Or maybe that person is doing something that needs quiet. Say, your father is meeting with the Local Chairman. Or your sister is having piano lessons. Maybe your mom’s just not feeling well. Either way, keep a lid on it. Hum if you really need to, but keep it quiet.

All this I say from a LOT of experience, particularly specific experiences, in fact. Trust me.


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