Where I’ve been…..

So I started off here:

And had a layover here:

Visited a cathedral, drank GREAT coffee, and I was off again, to here:

Visited some great friends, went to some cool ruins, took our first auto, and celebrated Diwali!!!

Then got on a 9-hour train to Jaipur, where we saw more cool stuff.

Snake charmers, light shows, more ruins and temples. Fun times!

Back on the train…..

To Agra. 

And we found some Engrish, naturally.

Spent some time in Delhi –

Went to a really cool park.

Made it up north, where I spent a while at the Children’s Home.

The kids at dinner
Cooking at a friend’s house
The view off the back of the hill

Then took a trip to Goa….

Met some amazing people, had some amazing memories, and headed back up to the cold and windy north, where I have now settled for the remainder of my time.

A view of one of the neighborhoods

Main Street
the kite flying festival, Pasan Panchpi

All is well.


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