The first two weeks home.

It seems that I’ve come home at the very beginning of rainy season – we’re having occasional, short bursts of rain around 4pm just about every day. The grass is green. The dirt is dark. Puddles abound.

In the mornings, it’s hot. By dinner, we’re all in long sleeves and drinking hot coffee. All is beautiful and the weather’s great.

We’ve done some pretty random things since I’ve been back. My first day was in Kampala we ran around the mall and were generally pretty weird. We sang on the roof and screamed “KA-KAAW!!!” at some cute children, who screamed back. We got indian food on the roof and I talked about my various exciting experiences of the past six months for hours. Then we got ice cream, pretended to model, tried to run eachother over with a suitcase, and were generally really strange. Quite a few people were watching us and laughing.

And that was just the first afternoon – I only got in at 1:30 pm. Amazing.

Since then, it’s been hilarity and fun. Random movie nights. Making up exciting games involving food such as Onion Catch and Goldfish. In general, randomness. I’m enjoying acting like a strange and deranged five-year-old.

Go forth and be weird.


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