Four and a half months later….

The summer is over. I can’t believe it – we spent up all the time in villages, on road trips, hanging out…I have no idea where the time went. Here are some random updates of the summer:

We did a few school programs, clinic outreaches, and things like that. One day we even had a sports day at the school nearest to us – it was fantastic. Best day ever.

The roads this year have been some of the worst I have ever seen. Last week we had to drive the long way round from Mbale – up past Moroto, a trip that took the better part of eight hours. At least we had tunes.

I’ve been able to spend a decent amount of time on my artwork, which has been great. Recently I’ve been doing studies in human proportions and things – just brushing up on basic skills.

Basically things here are back to their quiet, rhythmic usual ways.

(In some ways, India feels like a far-off dream that never really happened. Just about every day I’ll remember something random from my trip and smile – I can’t believe I was there. )


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