Opening thoughts on America.

“So where are you from?”

“Well, I just moved here from Uganda.” (So much simpler than going into the long, drawn-out story)


“Really? Haha but you’re white!”


(Yes. I know. I have wished for years that I wasn’t. I know, okay? Do you realise how difficult it is when people think I’m ridiculous for loving my home so much because I’m not “really” from there? Because I’m white?

You have no idea what you’re saying.)



3 thoughts on “Opening thoughts on America.

    • Yeah, the enormous question that intends to be a neutral ice-breaker but ends up being a bit problematic for some of us. What I’ve found is, I tend to have different answers. If I think, chances are this conversation is going to be short, I say: I’m Irish. People are maybe a bit confused because my accent is English. But at this point, for some people that’s enough. We can now talk about classes and majors and interests and so on.
      And for other people that’s enough of a discrepancy that they ask: well how come you have an English accent? And then I say I went to an English curriculum primary school that had a lot of English people at it. And then they ask… wait what? In Dublin. And then at this point I say… “well actually…”.
      Maybe the situation is a bit different for you because you were born here. But I think there’s a lot in common.

      • There is for sure. There’s the cop-out answer, New Jersey, where I only give them half the truth and they find out later, or I can go into the whole story. Either way, it’s never easy. Especially since I’m sort of half-American and I blend in – when I do something out of the American norm, it is criticised and shot down repeatedly.

        All part of the process…learning to coexist.

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