I don’t care who sees this anymore.

why do people count so much on outward beauty?

it makes me so angry

to see you treated like this

sure, I guess by general standards you’re pretty

but that is not why I think you’re beautiful.

I have had the time with you to understand

and read into the deeper, more intricate parts of your heart and mind


and they don’t and it makes me so angry.

Yes, it is true they always choose you before me

because they are shallow douchebags.

Even my own family doesn’t bother tell me

they love me more than you.

And yes, I have been rejected because of this

but who cares anymore

because if one day a man comes for me and

isnt interested in you

then i will know he is special. truly wonderful.

I am so angry

at all of this.

i wish everyone was blind to faces

so they would stop using me

so they would listen to your heart

and know you

and love you completely.


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