dear anna III

don’t mind me

I just want to be tangled forever in your hair

to lie, silently caressed by your thoughts and words

where i can hear them all

and not miss things because I’m too far away.

where i can see your flying green eyes fall into mine when we understand

you watch me paint, i watch you read

never a judging word or glance

because you know me all the way down to the bone and through the other side

skin and blood connect us tightly

even while we’re forever away and will never be the same because of it

while we meet people the other will never meet.

I’m tired of this!

not hearing you, not seeing you

I think of you

when I don’t understand

when no one laughs

when I see something beautiful

when i see someone with green eyes

when my laugh sounds like yours

and when i breathe.


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