I want to paint this.

Trevor Saylor

Perhaps it’s a tad hyperbolic to say that there is a “magic” to film, but…sometimes, there is. I love little accidents like this, and while one can attempt to recreate things with “faux analog” or “faux vintage” with various digital filters for your camera phone, it’s not the same. It’s fake.

Of course, I love film for much more than that.

I’ve been stopped and asked about my MP, which I carry just about everywhere with me, three times this week. People ask me if it’s a Leica, and I say yes. The next question is always: “is it digital?” They are almost always shocked when I say it’s an MP, and I shoot film with it. Then they ask me how old it is, and I say less than 10 years (made in 2004)–and they are really shocked. I show them the film advance lever and the back of…

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