the flames consume you

burning out of your dark eyes, speckling your skin with soot

defying stereotype

redefining man

let no one tell you what you must



look like

think like

to be adequate, accepted.

their standards are limited to muscle, skin color, sweat and guns

you are strength tied with blood

playing with limitations, reaching in directions misunderstood by the common ideals

Heavy feet half-treading the packed ground,

wearing holes,

soles thin to paper.


10 thoughts on “second.

      • I for one could use a little more help? I have often begged him to just hold me tight and show me everything “and lets get it done.” but as recently as last week he whispered into my heart that that would kill me and I wouldn’t be able to take it. Doesn’t make me look forward to the next step much. Apostle Paul said work out your salvation with fear and trembling, I yi yi! I have fallen tripped landed in the mire, and crawled for most of my life, not sure I can do this much longer.. Hmm caution this message may soon self destruct. 🙂

      • Hey now. Don’t be afraid to be weak. It is the sign of willingness to trust. You are getting it done, it just might not be what you’re expecting. You’ll learn regardless of whether you want to or not, you know? Fear and trembling is where we should be, but we are resting on the solid Rock that is our foundation. Therefore, we really have nothing to be afraid of, ultimately. Security is security. 🙂

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