Artist Check-in: Jonathan Machado of THE SHIFT

Thoughts on Theatre


We love chatting with artists across the spectrum – writers, visual artists, performers, and more. Everyone has a unique story about why they create and what speaks to them. And we all love a good story.

Welcome this week’s artist, Jonathan Machado, a Miami-based filmmaker who is working on a three-pronged project entitled The Shift. It will encompass a film, an instrumental audio album, and an animated graphic art reel that intertwine to show how society is undergoing great changes. This multimedia experience will attempt to redefine the art of storytelling & creative expression.

The project is composed of three distinct pieces:

ACT 1 : The story of a young rebel who is intent on exposing the fraud and corruption he witnesses in politics. His good natured motives, however, are taken to the drastic extreme in his quest to expose the POLITRICKS
ACT 2 : Rachel is a young woman…

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