a very sad truth.

Whispers on the Journey

If I’m honest, I clicked through the questions with a large share of smugness. How many slaves work for me? I thought. Can’t be that many. I figured my fairly simple lifestyle would give me a pretty low score.

My self-assurance peeked during the part of the quiz where you removed products which you don’t use from a virtual medicine cabinet. I don’t wear make-up, which the infographic to the side helpfully told me is a huge exploiter of slaves in South Asia. With the removal of each eye liner and foundation bottle, I could feel my score dropping…


That’s how many slaves (however far away, however distant) have kept me using the things I use, wearing the things I wear, eating the things I eat.

Good Lord, I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. 

I’m sorry for thinking that a “low score” would be some sort of…

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