getting to know you

Sorry for punching in that window,

the door was locked with presuppositions of what I’d think of you once I saw inside, so I

broke my knuckles open and climbed in through the frame.

Anyways, you scampered away, up the stairs,

while I opened up so many curtains to get a good look at all the rich carpeting and paneled woodworking –

it’s an amazing place,

(the stains, tears, dirt and mess make it perfectly yours)

but with those heavy drapes drawn over everything, I don’t think even you can see it.

So, waiting for you to come back down,

I’ll just make that cup of coffee and lie on the couch,

basking in your disbelief,

hoping desperately that I haven’t shattered you,

that we’ll be able to sit face-to-face

once I am inside.


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