last night I toss and turn

did you know I dreamed of you

that the dead could speak to me,

beautiful icy-grey, they were afraid

so I dragged my sister from hell’s purgatory

with extension cords wrapped about her wrists

it took all our strength, we could have been trapped there too

she was free but still dead

her head lolled to the side in my hands

and I couldn’t even find her shadow.

I wandered our old neighborhood, you know,

found the looming house, all new

and searched for the old in it,

I wandered from room to staircase

and the wooden panels grew fuzzy, blurred in my eyes

I began to suspect I was asleep but pressed forward in the black

feeling nothing but the creak beneath my feet

hearing nothing but the desperate whispers of the dead,

their skirts spread like my mother’s wedding dress on the lawn

2 thoughts on “last night I toss and turn

  1. This is beautifully daunting. I’m sorry that you had this dream, but am also enthralled by its sense of a being who is emotionally emaciated. I hope that this writing relieved the emotional turmoil that stimulated it.

    • it was the kind of dream in which you feel like you’re just below the surface of awakening, and tension increases the longer you’re down. I kept floating in and out of consciousness, dimensions, reality, life, and death. it was overwhelming and very hard to wake up from.

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