post-slam poet

insecurity shadows humility

perhaps if I was attractive I would know this,

but I hacked my hair off again so we’ll never know.


6 thoughts on “post-slam poet

  1. “Insecurity shadows humility”. How do you mean? Lately, I am framing true humility to myself as unselfconsciousness. Insecurity, sure as cold in January, shadows the false humility that can’t take a compliment, that is obsessively aware of being *looked at*.

    • the verb form of “shadow” can either mean to follow or to cover, which are weirdly at odds with each other. Either insecurity is in the shadow of humility or it follows it – the point is more that I struggle towards true humility when my insecurity (a form of pride itself) overwhelms it

  2. it’s kind of awkward though. and I completely agree with unselfconsciousness – very good way of putting it! I was just at the lanthorn poetry reading and thinking on the importance of humility especially when speaking publicly.

  3. Over the last few years, I’ve been getting more into the slam scene here in California and I’ve noticed there is a heavy battle present when performing poetry; our egos are what drives most writing, so to find a balance between humble and confident, for me at least, has been the most arduous task when taking my work from page to presentation. Then, to see some who possess confidence in abundance foreign to me, or to see those who lack the humility to justify their confidence, makes it even more of a struggle. This is what your delightful poem made me contemplate at one o’clock in the morning. Cheers!

    • That’s pretty much what I was thinking about. I did a piece about my brother and his struggles with CP/autism, and another person did a piece about being attractive and the struggles therein. The two together were incredibly weird.

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