art teacher

I want to scrape together your shatters and remould them,

working my fingers through your cracks, the places

love has been torn away from, your insecurities

burned away in the kiln of my hands. (fire of angels, fill me)

I will use my nails to scratch off the gluey false security,

let it wash away in the water, leaving paint.

You are beautiful, creative, and capable

let me help you see that.


4 thoughts on “art teacher

      • I totally understand! I’ve recently begun working with high school (and just out of) aged kids, kind of mentoring some and helping coach Stockton’s youth slam team that’ll be heading to Philly for the Brave New Voices Youth Slam competition this year, and so many of them have stories just like that–just like my own. It’s really an honor to be a part of their creative endeavors, though; hoping to give them something I didn’t have access to at their age. You are doing GREAT things for them, I’m sure!

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