in the face of all this dreary snow.


About a year ago, I was on vacation with family – out in the plains of Kidepo, the best place for going safari that I have ever been. On the first morning of our trip, we rose early to go out on an early game drive, since dawn is the best time to see wildlife.

Being two metres from a  pack of full-grown lions is a wonderful way to start any morning.




This was taken on the day of Holi, the Indian celebration of fertility and rebirth – celebrated by throwing colored powder on everyone. I celebrated it by staying over night with the family of the girl in this picture, Deepa, and dancing and throwing dye powder literally all night.

This photo was taken the morning after – tired and full of tea and good food, we struggled to be as enthusiastic as we’d been the night before. I sat out of the dancing with the excuse that I was documenting the day with my camera.

For a moment, Deepa stopped running and dancing. For some reason, the packed street was clear for a moment as I took this photo (not an amazing one, I know.) making her seem alone and kind of melancholy, while in reality she had just been tackled and soaked by a bucket of purple dye, then a friend had mock-slapped her on the cheek with red and green fingers.

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last holiday

This is a snapshot of my family’s last vacation with some of our wonderful friends and family into the deep north of Uganda, to the amazing game park of Kidepo Valley. As we flew through the roasting savannah, the wind ripping at our clothes and hair, I became overwhelmed with exhaustion and took a nap in the back of my dad’s pickup.

My sisters.

This photo perfectly captures the spirit of my sisters. Here they are, at a banquet, dressed casually and clearly very comfortable. This was meant to be a formal photo shoot, in which they stood awkwardly beside each other and grinned – yet here they are dancing and clearly having a great time. Though they would probably not call this a particularly flattering shot, I absolutely love it. The laughter and obvious hilarity that is captured here makes me want to live with them all forever.