This land has smiled up around me, and I am caught in the bottom of it,

Resting to still (like these canal waters)

Before I am drunk by my hungry, looming future.

But for now, I dream, I float

Swirling away these bite marks and bruises in the foamy waves

My feathers dry. I am healed in Heerenveen.

I awake, and for a moment see a sheet of green,

A wall of ever-emerald.

I am not clever, or anything interesting

But I will do interesting and worthwhile things

And be forgiven – this makes me beautiful.

I do not remember those

Weaseling into my heart, burrowing through my sternum

Currying favor to eat at my chest. I am not defined by

White skin anymore, or my marks in flesh and school.

Let me be sucked out of my boots

Into a windmill slipstream, alternatively energetic.

I am swimming in this wild lily pasture, let

The cows and sheep eat the green of my face. Recycle

My bones as jewelry and handbags, I will

Fit in blend in here.