april of last semester

if we loved the way that we were told to –

following that film mirror perfectly

 – you be strange enchanted, I, glowing naive,

cut the scenes with screams and yells

frustration exhaustion anger bitterness

all the days we can’t make eye contact.

would then that idol, effigy

the standard become the norm?


we are still in college for now.

I really can’t be filled by the exhaustive unpredictability of everything

but I am addicted to the raw, undefinable nature of

my feet hanging off the ground and not knowing

and that not mattering.

here everyone says why?

because they believe that they know

and think that they understand all the silly little bits of information

they force down their own throats

cutting open their lips

no matter what they say it will be tainted with blood.

(i, the little breezy bird, wonder at their deep-rooted legs)