dear anna VIII

I miss sharing a mirror every morning

after waking you up, groggily singing your name

ever since we were two tiny bunkmates. I loved

watching life slow-flow through you dawning,

knowing that the last word you had said

into the previous dark

was to me.

dear anna V

physically, I am lighting candles to remind myself that we are more

than just dust and ribs, we will last beyond this.

at the same time, I am burning off the excess, remembering

that this is just here, this we are just weakness that will pass away.

high school (dear anna ii)

Dear Anna,

you are my favourite person on planet earth. That will most likely never change.

However, distance is stretching us to pieces,

hanging on our common threads as they slowly break, snapping quietly

falling to splashdown in the rough Atlantic waters.

It breaks me to hear

of the pressure you feel, the need

for conformity,

the same lies i remember wrecking myself over

being poured into your mind

in hallways, locker rooms, classes,

– it’s probably a good thing I’m not there

otherwise these kids would be walking around with broken jaws –

don’t let that stuff set and dry

in the fresh cerebellum that feeds your heart.

Give it a few more months, and

the sun will shine on both of us

we’ll sleep and dance and sing

and I will take care of you again.