Bastille (song of the week)


I have been binging on Bastille recently, but this song is my personal favourite of all. The video leaves something to be desired, but it’s juxtaposition of light and dark speaks to the song’s balance of power and simplicity. I have fallen in love with it completely, the kind of song that you can blast at full volume but leaves you quietly contemplative every time.

Plus, it speaks to me on a personal level.

Paul Thomas Saunders (song of the week)

I know I just recently posted another of his songs, but I am on a serious Saunders/London Grammar kick right now. This song in particular blows my mind every time – I react to it emotionally before I can comprehend cognitively what’s going on. That, in my mind, is a sign of a truly powerful artist.

“Good women lie with losers everyday” – something that is very dear to my heart, the idea that a wonderful, beautiful person will settle for less. Why? I’m still figuring it out. And I love that this song discovered me just when I needed it.

London Grammar (song of the week)


I discovered this song right when I needed to. Haunting, captivating, and complex – I had to listen to it several times over before I caught the movement of it. This group is extraordinarily gifted and respectful of the art which they practice. The music video is simple, lovely, and thought-provoking. A tad awkward at times, but I absolutely love when artists let the music stand alone and speak for itself.

Stromae (song of the week)

This Belgian artist is amazing. His name is the two syllables of the word “maestro” inverted. His lyrics are beautiful, and his beats captivating. Other amazing songs: Papaoutai and Alors on Dans.

Fun fact: no one knew he was filming a music video. They all assumed he was drunk.

├ôlafur Arnalds (song of the week)

Exquisite. One of my favourite composers. Take just five minutes to still yourself and soak in this song, in its simplicity. Dwell on it. Contemplate it. Stop yourself from switching tabs or checking your phone again, just settle and be quiet in this piece of artwork. Notice the details of the girl’s hair and eyes, the color of the flowers, the light on her hand. Focus on the beauty, let yourself encounter the sublime.