favourite advice.

“Stop whatever you’re doing and listen to the first song you love that you can think of.”


Lennon & Maisy (song of the week)

I don’t think I’ve properly expressed how much I love these two girls. Their voices are beautiful, they blend perfectly, and their stage presence is humble. It makes me so happy to see performers who respect themselves and their music – they don’t try to be showy or flamboyant, and as a result, their work is purely lovely. I highly recommend just taking a few minutes to stop whining about Justin Beiber and appreciate that there are kids out there who sing like this.

volcano ice dancer.

She is dancer

swaying, moving BRIGHT

burning, energy flowing always through her

Oh, child, you will never slow down or stop or focus

you are a sparkler, flying


voice like raw honey and ice

clear, pure, rippling through hallways and doors

smile that cuts straight to the heart and curls up there

dimples wrapping around the strings and playing your mind like you didn’t think it could

inspiration. and then eyes burn into you completely,

icy warm blue, this volcano child stares out at the world below

tangly bracken of hair.