Sufjan Stevens (song of the week)


In light of all these brazen holiday jingles, it’s wonderful to calm it down with a cool, wintry number by the ever-beautiful Sufjan. I saw him live last year and it was the best show I have ever been to. He went through his Christmas album – an unbelievable arrangement of classics and originals, all with the insane Sufjan flair. After playing through a set of wild, crazy, colourful songs with streamers, glitter, and confetti raining down on the crowd, he stepped out alone on the stage in a tshirt and jeans with his banjo and quietly launched into his most famous work: his humble, beautiful, sweet songs. (It was there that I fell in love with Sister Winter, with tears pouring down my face in the dark.)

If you are not already a fan of his lovely work as you should be, I suggest taking some time to listen and appreciate this poetic and musical genius. The Stevens essentials: John Wayne Gacy, Jr.; Casimir Pulaski Day; For the Widows in Paradise, For the Fatherless in Ypsilanti; Holland. There are so many others which are amazing, and there are so many more which are undeniably weird in Sufjan’s quirky-odd style.


Anyways. Happy Wintertime.

Andrew Garcia (song of the week)


I love their voices. I love the arrangement. I love that they took a song that is commonly known as being “that trashy Miley Cyrus song” and made it something really lovely.

Ed Sheeran ft. Mikill Pane (song of the week)


This song is desperately heartbreaking. The original, A Team, is sad enough, but combined with Pane’s brilliant lyrics the result brings tears. An utterly beautiful composition that is so, so, horribly true.

Warning: this is for mature audiences only. The subject material and language used are harsh and require proper maturity to understand appropriately.